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May 25, 2010

Two Down - 363 To Go

After forty-eight hours Monte has made himself at home. He and Banjo are getting along well after a few corrections (human and canine administered).

We survived Monte's first night. Lisa and I were waking up every three hours, so we would take him outside. Not that he needed to go out, because he and we slept for seven hours on night two without any mishaps. We were just overly cautious and worried.

On day two, Monte, Banjo and Riley had a private training session. They focused on some initial clicker training, then Riley and Monte got to play.

Our little golden boy has quickly surpassed our last puppy, in stair climbing ability, but not in sweetness. Neva had an initial phobia which she conquered after a couple months. It's only been two days and he has already ascended and descended our twelve stairs. Monte still has a mentor in the house.

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Casey's mom said...

Your daily blogs on the trials of traveling with a guide dog have been so interesting to read ~ thanks for a great job of posting your stories and sharing your adventures. Banjo is sure a great trooper and will be an awesome Guide Dog with all the experiences he's had!