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July 7, 2010

Chicago is Cool!

Yo bros!

Thought I'd let you young pups know about my cool vacation to the windy city. Yes, it really is windy there! I've never seen such tall buildings! You pups would have been pretty scared, but me, the big boy... I was brave! I went to the 94th floor of the John Hancock building and didn't even flinch! I was Mr. Cool.

We visited the Shedd Aqarium where I saw many different swimmy things. I especially was interested in the sea lions, because they sort of look like me, with their whiskers and all. And the noise they made reminded me of the Golden Retriever that lives with me. Arrrrr, Arrrrr, Arrrrrr! Too funny.

The beluga whales were neat too. They even do some tricks, but they are not smarter than me my friends, no way.

The Field museum was very large. I got up close and personal to "Sue", a dinosaur! She was pretty. A little boney though. They really need to up her kibble a bit. The planetarium was out of this world! Big Bird told us all about the stars and Elmo went to the moon! The little people I live with really enjoyed that part of the show.

As you can see from the picture, I was totally focused on learning about the planets and the milky way.

Brain power baby!

Michigan Avenue was real busy. The people I was with love to shop and boy, there are lots of shops there. We strolled all around and looked at plenty of strange and unusual objects. The little person here got her first American Girl doll, whatever that means. My favorite part was riding up and down all the escalators and glass elevators.

Our hotel was next to the very tall Hancock building and it had a roof top garden. While mingling in the garden, I found the BEST piece of moldy pizza that was stuffed into a planter! YUMMMMO! Once my person saw what I had, she took it right away from me. She must have though it was AWESOME too!

That's okay, I can share, but I really would have loved to finish that treat. Oh well.

So pups, it's back to the grind stone here. Back to work. Hope you all had a dog gone good holiday weekend!

Lots of licks,

Guide Dog Dale

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