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July 19, 2010


Hey, it’s Hailey. I thought I’d give a report on this things humans call “work”. I’m told I’m going to be a “working dog”, and it’s got me a little worried. See, I went with my human to “work” today, and it sure is tiring. We had to get up bright and early, and go for a ride in the car, during which I slept. That was good forethought on my part. Then my human helped some friends lay the bed for a patio. They kept walking back and forth with wheelbarrows of sand and gravel. I didn’t get my morning nap. And then a little dog came out and she didn’t like me one bit. I tried to make friends, and be small and unintimidating, but it didn’t work. The other dog was nicer, but then he took my favorite bone and started chewing it. And whenever I looked at him (since it was MY bone, after all), he would growl at me and hog it even more. So that’s how I lost my favorite toy for the afternoon. The people came and pet me every once in a while, but I didn’t get any naps in because I had to watch and make sure they put the gravel in the right spot, and because they had a loud machine to compact it. Tomorrow they are going to lay flagstones. Hopefully that isn’t so bad, because after today, I’m wiped.

So that’s work in a nutshell. My person is trying to tell me my job won’t be like the work today, and I tell you, it had better not be. I need my sleep, and those little dogs are pesky.

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