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July 14, 2010

Still Here

We have been incommunicado for almost two weeks. Rest assured, Monte is still here and getting bigger everyday. Since our last post, he celebrated his four month birthday and stayed with Uncle Dan for a weekend while we were at the races.

Here's a photo for Marci, Kathy, and Sparta, about ninety minutes before the race.

As we enter the Dog Days of Summer, our walks have started later in the evening. This week Monte has been practicing HEELing with distractions and variable speeds. He still needs work, but not bad for a four month old puppy. We have gone out after dark the last few nights and he has been getting spooked by common items until we make friends. More night walks have been prescribed.

On one of our walks last week, Monte found a pile of orange goldfish crackers. I thought it was a circle of paint. It was a good opportunity to play the Puppy's Choice game. Don't touch the crackers, look up at me, you win, and your prize - a piece of dog food.

Monte also graduated from Puppy Socialization class on Monday. Now he gets a break until August, only one class each week.

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