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July 19, 2010

Rest Day

Saturday morning started out with the usual, farmers market and puppy playtime. Monte spent the afternoon working. His assignment was to bring people to the Culver's fundraiser, look cute, greet customers, and graciously accept any love thrown his way. A few of the puppies were fighting for attention, while the older dogs stole their pets.

After a long day in the hot sun, humans and canine needed a day of rest. No work on the Sabbath, only a short walk to the football field followed by some off leash playtime. Monte practiced recalls, played fetch with his favorite toy, and walked up and down the bleachers. We did practice a little HEELing without a lure.

Play was in order because the plan was for Monte to accompany Lisa to work on Monday. However, the little white shadow was banned and instead worked on staying home alone inside his crate. This doesn't happen very often, so it was good practice.

Lisa came home to find a peaceful sleeping puppy (picture from training class).

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