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July 29, 2010

City & Farm

Trying to get Monte some extra credit, we drove down to Janesville for OccuPaws puppy class - he sure needs it. Actually, the session was going to be held in the mall and we had not taken him there yet. As we performed our circles, we drew quite a crowd in front of the jewelry stores.

The four dogs at class ventured into Sears to checkout the escalator. Monte showed no fear and sat on the platform - no rides today, not without boots on. He had prior escalator experience two months ago at the Brewer game.

Wednesday, we made our weekly visit to the farm, Blue Moon Community Farm. Monte saw his swine friends, up close and personal. Not sure how friendly they are; they were biting his ears, lips, and the top of his head. Monte didn't seem to mind and kept coming back for more.

The chickens keep their distance this week and we let them be. Last week a group ventured toward the fence to check out the new canine in their territory. As we packed up our weekly supply, Monte practiced patience and "Puppy's Choice". Not very good at the latter, everything on the ground eventually finds its way into his mouth. He is good in the house with kibble, but it hasn't transferred to other locations.

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