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July 22, 2010

My sense of direction

Hey, it's Hailey again. Today, even thought it was raining, I got to go on some fun adventures. This morning, we took my grandma to get her hair cut. Then we got to go to Mounds, where I got an antler. It's for gnawing on, and I love it. My mom says that's for all the work I had to do this week.

This afternoon, I got to show my mom how smart I am. We went to the hospital to pick up our farm share, and my mom had me "find outside" after we picked it up. I remembered all of the turns we took, and let me tell you, there were a lot. We first turned right, then left at the end of the hall, and I took her to the doors. Then we turned right, took a jog in the hall and I found her another set of doors. Then we had to go through the cafeteria to another set of doors. I took her accross the elevator module to another set of doors, and we turned left, went to the next corner, turned left, to the next corner, turned left and went through another set of doors. Then I found her the elevator, which we took up a floor (I did need help pressing the buttons). We got off the elevator, turned right through the doors, took the first left, went through the next set of doors to the left and then I could see outside. And I did it all myself! I've even got the revolving doors down. You stare at it, and when the glass goes away, you walk forward and stare at the far wall until it magically opens up and you can go out. Then my mom gave me lots of pets and told me I was smart.

And then I came home an gnawed on my antler. That's me and it in the picture. My mom says we'll keep going to the hospital. I like it there because my grandma works there, so I get to say hi, and sometimes we see people staying there and I get petted. And I can find my way around, which the people seem to think is hard.

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