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July 21, 2010

Monte Goes to Work

Usually, Monte looks deflated as Jeff and our nephew who is staying with us for the summer, go off to work. He gets a look on his face like "Darn, the fun ones are gone!," and yes, that sure is a "real" boost to my ego! However, today he got to get all packed up and come along with me (Lisa)as I have to spend a few days every month in the office as opposed to my normal home office location. The first day, we were told "no dogs" by my HR dept, but some added support from my supervisor and the fact that every other dog I have had for the past 3+ years has come with me, I was told Monte could come as long as he did not bother anyone--with that "rousing" welcome, I set up a small mat and water bowl in my cubicle.

You can never be completely assured your dog will behave as well as he does at home in a new atmosphere, so I thought of dragging along a crate to work, but decided I would not bother. After I gave some of Monte's rules to my coworkers (no petting unless he is sitting and calm, hands off if he stands or heaven forbid jumps,let me bring him to you, no treats, no overexcited greetings) and a little prayer "Please let Monte be good for 6 hours straight!" we did a couple meet and greets and got the lay of the land, Monte settled in under my desk and fell fast asleep for the remainder of the time I was working!He quickly learned what most of us over the age of 4 have already found out, that "going to work" is not all it is cracked up to be. He actually even fell asleep sitting up!

The best part of his day was, what else, break time! The office has a lovely walking path through wildflowers and trees and weeds and ponds. Monte took in as much as he could of the intoxicating new scents as 10 minutes would allowed and learned, just like at home, butterflies are not to be chased even though they may be slow enough to catch! He also found ponds look sooooo inviting, like a lovely little natural swimming pool, but he is not allowed to even set a toe into one, maybe not even look in their direction!

I was extremely proud of how well Monte did at work in a totally unfamiliar environment. We got tons of compliments on what a "calm" and "polite" dog he is for such a young age (HR, I hope you are listening!). Note to self: Remember long walk at 6 AM tomorrow too! :)

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