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July 3, 2010


I gave Hailey a bath yesterday, and not thinking, took her outside to run around in our backyard today. It's not a frequent occurrence because the yard isn't fully fenced (so I create some temporary barriers) and is currently raw dirt. Hailey is no longer clean. Oh well. She enjoyed it.

Hailey has gotten over her dislike of elevators and busses, and is getting used to city life. She's gotten much better at not chasing little creatures, though traffic still makes her a bit anxious. So instead of taking scenic walks, we take walks that maximize traffic exposure.

She's also a creative sleeper. She likes to doze at the end of my bed, either a) with her head tucked inside my blankets, b) her head cocked backwards to form the letter L, or c) upside down.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know me, but I am Gilbert's owner. He was the second Occupaws puppy to graduate from the program. I just wanted to say that Gilbert reminds me a lot of Hailey. When he was a puppy, he ran right back in to our muddy yard after my parents and I gave him a bath too! He also has a cute way of sleeping with his legs all sprawled out.

A Caes said...

We met at Puppies on Paramenter...I was about to hand over Promise, and went all of a week without a dog before getting Hailey.

Barb said...

Hailey looks VERY flexible. :)