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July 13, 2010

Out & About

Hi all! Wilbur here.

Once again, my mom says that I have not been writing enough. Well, I tried to tell her that I have been too busy to write!

Did you know that we are having a Scavenger Hunt with motorcycles in August? What do we do try to find the motorcycles?? Wednesday last week we went to Quaker Steak and Lube in Middleton to tell everybody about it! Motorcycle people are SO nice.

On another day, mom, dad, Harley and I rode around in the car for miles - - stopping and writing down questions on pieces of paper - - something about “That’s a good question”. On the route, we went all the way to Finn’s and had a GREAT lunch on the deck. At Finn’s there were these cute little duckies with writing on them. Something about a rubber duckie race down the Rock River. All I know is I did not get ANYTHING to eat. (Grrrr) We did our usual meet and greet at Mounds on Saturday. Lots of nice people. Our table is set up right next to a display of bones. But, mom would not let Harley or I have any.

Then yesterday (Sunday) we went back to Finns and saw more of those cute little Duckies. Casey, Marlette, Amy and Hailey drove down with us too.

Guess what? At Finns, we met MORE of our friends: cute little Lori, Timber, Banjo, Sonni, and Monte. We were all trying to ask people to buy the cute little duckies and to come for the race August 28.

Ta Ta for now!


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