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July 24, 2010


Unfortunately for Monte, Lisa was able to work at home which kept Monte homebound. His busy week turned into a quiet week. We made our first trip out to the farm in two momths. Monte had to reaquaint himself with the sights, sounds, and smells. He was facinated by the chickens and infatuated with the pigs. Hopefuly his energy will dissipate with more exposure to each species.

Thursday we didn't make it into Madison for puppy class due to tornado warnings. Friday, Monte participated in our trip for groceries. Not very eventful, but we did get complimented from fellow Labrador owner. He said we were very "patient" and "easy" on our puppy. Monte was generally well behaved.

Monte's weekend started with an early breakfast and a walk before puppy playtime at The Dog Den. Our plan was to burn off a little of the hyper energy to allow him to interact calmly, or as calm as a lab puppy can be.

The plan seemed to work and all the dogs played well with minimal refereeing needed. Monte's best pals today were a six month old chocolate lab and a white Akita, who happened to lose a tooth covering both light dogs in blood.

They chased, jumped, chewed on each other until Monte would get tired and crawl under a chair. He must have been warm too because he would dig down to find the cool stones while resting under his chair.

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