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July 16, 2010

Respite in Fort Atkinson

Monte and Lisa spent the morning in Fort Atkinson. We were privileged to be invited to a respite program for the elderly by Pam who brought her little powder puff Lily. Lily kept all the big dogs in line and clearly thought the puppies needed constant supervision.

She got to be the lap dog and was happy to oblige.

Meghan also brought her working guide dog Kirby and her trainee, Dayton. Kirby loves the belly rubs and Dayton was happy to stick close to Meghan.

All the folks were smiling and asked great questions as Pam demonstrated the harness. We heard so many funny stories about their pet dogs. I do not think any of the dogs spent 1 second of their time there without a hand on them constantly. Everyone seemed happy to have us and the dogs were all very polite.

They all had their favorites by the time we left, and we promised to bring the pups back in a couple months to show them how much they have learned. The goal will be to get them half as calm and well behaved as Kirby some day.

Thanks for inviting us Pam, it was a lovely day for a drive and Monte is always happy to make some new friends!

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