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June 28, 2013

Big(ger) Boy

Hobey, our service dog in training, weighed in at 26.5 pounds today.  He has grown taller over the past week.  He keeps growing and we keep feeding him, still four cups a day. 

The last two days have been filled with outings and late dinners.  Thursday's trips were for dog food, another test drive, where the sales people are always happy to see him, and grocery shopping.  The grocery store was mildly eventful.  Even though Hobey appears to be housebroken, he still has a small bladder, so we need monitor him to keep things successful. Halfway through our shopping, we could tell that he was uncomfortable and made a rapid exit. In the parking lot Hobey was able to put a smile on a crying child's face.

Tonight, the highlight was visiting the carnival that calls Oregon home for the weekend.  Our visit was cut short due to a heavy shower.  Intermittent showers affected the turnout, but still provided a good environment to look cute, greet people, and experience the various sights/sounds.   The biggest challenge was trying to keep Hobey's focus.  Already easily distracted in a common environment, the food and litter covering the ground presented a constant distraction that could only be overcome with the lure of kibble.

While walking the carnival grounds, we met a lot of kids and a few adults.  Who can resist a puppy?  One of the adult after noticing Hobey, recognized us from the articles in the local paper, Oregon Observer.  She was appreciative of our volunteer work and fundraising efforts.  Her last comment was that Lisa's former employer should rehire her  :-)

Tomorrow is an extra busy Saturday; The Dog Den, more test drives, and more carnival fun.

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