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June 10, 2013

One Hundred

Yesterday at The Dog Den's socialization class we received a great handout that outlined a series of goals for puppy socialization.   Although provided for pet dogs, it provides an extensive list of people, surfaces, sights, smells, and environments. The first goal is 100 different people.

Between our two hours at Dog Fest and an afternoon at Little Amerricka, I believe that we meet one hundred different people today.  One of the people was CCSDA President, Nicole Meadowcroft (photo), who he had not met yet.

As we entered Dog Fest, we met Hobey's breeders, Derek and Laura.  After raising him for eight weeks they generously donated him to Custom Canines and we consider ourselves fortunate to be trusted with such a valuable gift. Having access to the breeder is extremely helpful because they can provide information on parents and siblings.  For example, they were able to offer an explanation for Hobey's itching - dry skin, which may be resolved simply with diet and/or supplements.

The combination of significantly warmer weather, a young puppy, and a half dose of Benadryl resulted in Hobey getting tired easily; I ended up carrying him about half the time (video @ 1:42).  In addition, we stopped at most every water bowl to cool off.

After lunch we headed to Marshall for La Movida day at Little Amerricka. The park was filled to capacity with children and adults of all ages, none of which could resist a cute chocolate Labrador. Having a puppy in tow limited my "amusement", but he was able to accompany us on a train ride.

Hobey spent most of the afternoon being mobbed which was perfect preparation for a restaurant dinner.  We went to Texas Roadhouse, a puppy raiser's most difficult environment because it is littered with peanut shells that dog's for some reason, maybe the salt, seem to adore.

The worst part of the day from Hobey's standpoint was having to wait until 8 pm for his dinner.

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