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June 1, 2013

Dog Den Intro

After a rest day yesterday, Hobey was back in training mode.  He once again woke before dawn.  Monte enjoys these early morning awakenings because they both get fed before we return to bed and wait for my alarm. There is light at the end of the tunnel, literally, as his awakenings have been approaching sunrise.

The morning consisted of his introduction to The Dog Den for puppy playgroup.  We met many young pups and their owners.  Hobey took a liking to Ada Mae, who is about the same age and size.  We are a tad concerned regarding his apparent dominance; we will watch  this closely and have a plan to keep it in check - cradling is important.

One hour of sprinting, bounding, wrestling, and barking left our nine week old trainee exhausted. After his lunch, Hobey slept for most of the afternoon and missed our walk to the park.  This left him rested and ready for  a return trip to the supermarket.  Last week's journey ended quickly as we spent most of the time observing the checkout lines. He surpassed my expectations today; we walked the entire route throughout the grocery as we completed our normal shopping routine.  Still a bit of whining when he was not able to follow the passing children or when friendly customers, who stopped to give him pets, moved on.  When we stopped to talk about him or compare prices, he would lie down, waiting patiently until prompted to FOLLOW.

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