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June 18, 2013

Perfect Puppy

Tuesday's Highlights
Hobey's antibiotics ran out today.  He still has a bit of a nasal drip, but his recovery appears to be nearly complete.  Next we need to determine the cause of his scratching.

Hobey sitting by the door crying to go outside; housebreaking 99% complete.  We transitioned from reading his body language to get him outside to allowing him (set him up) to make mistakes while we were there to offer immediate feedback, he learned very quickly what was not acceptable.  There were time we knew he had to potty, but we needed to wait for him to signal us or initiate/squat. "Perfect puppies do not result in perfect dogs," so don't expect a perfect puppy.  Let your puppies, and expect them to make mistakes; be there to provide guidance.

After our bike ride we sneaked up to our house to not disturb Monte. Lisa listened by the window where we leave Hobey.  He was silent until I entered the back of the house and disturbed Monte.

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