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June 13, 2013

Home Alone

The antibiotics have not impacted the green gunk.  Usually the antibiotics work with in the first 48 hours. We think that it might be a mild case of kennel cough since the onset seems to coincide with his nasal spray. Thus, we have been keeping him away from other dogs therefore we had to miss the Madison training class. However, it didn't stop him from visiting the farm, Blue Moon Community Farm, for our first CSA pick-up.  He was able to greet the other members.  The only issue has been his persistence in tagging along with the people he meets.

After we returned from the farm with our salad fixings the weather was nice, calm before the storm, we decided to take a bike ride together.  This was the first time that we had left Hobey home alone.  He was crated and crying as we left and crying when we returned an hour later.  I doubt that he cried the whole time though; I hope that Monte's barking to signal our return initiated his crying.

Hobey participated in the Custom Canines fundraiser today; he joined Laura and Mark, P4P supporters, for lunch at TGIFridays.  Before heading over to the restaurant we waited in the lobby to practice remaining calm and stationary as people walked past.  Eventually he got the hang of it and relaxed on the cool tile floor.

We planned for his eventful day by walking to the park.  We still don't let him walk the whole way with Monte, but he wants to.  He walks a little more every day.  This preparation left him tired and he slept during lunch.  After we our lunch, we walked over to Laura's office and took Hobey's first elevator ride - without issue.

Next on today's agenda was Lisa's haircut.  At the salon, Hobey hesitated, but decided that he could ascend the carpeted stairs in the stairway. We have been working on stairs; yesterday he ascended the metal stairs at the high school stadium, but would not descend the stairs in our house.  After meeting the owner, he settled down and rested.  As we confidently approached the stairs Hobey didn't balk and deliberately descended the twenty or so steps :-)

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