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June 17, 2013

Normal Routine

It was definitely easier housebreaking a puppy when I was able to get away for eight hours a day. After three weeks of adjusting our schedules around an eight week old puppy, it is time to readjust to a normal schedule.  I had the late shift.  No more staying up past midnight to get a potty break before going to bed. Our canine pair has been getting up at 5am for breakfast and then again at 7am for water.

Custom Canines was selected as the recipient of 58 Bucky Books that we can sell to raise funds.  We had an initial strategy session with the Bucky Book staff that Hobey attended.  He made a great impression on the staff and then dozed off during our meeting.  FYI: the books will be available in September, but we need to notify potential buyers and we can begin to make advance sales.  The books are $35, however using only three or four coupons will save you at least  that much. Contributing to Custom Canines will actually save you money.

Hobey is learning that when the car stops that it is time to get moving.  So when we stopped at Sonic, he was ready to go.

After a successful afternoon outings and with our previous trips to the grocery store with Hobey having gone well, we expected a routine shopping experience. Well, it was anything but that. Apparently instead of a service dog trainee, we took a social butterfly to the store.  He was literally choking on his flat collar to greet people.  Eventually I resorted to using the end of the leash like a choke chain to provide a bit of a correction and minimize his pulling.

I went to bed at 10pm, after the puppies wrestled and settled down for the evening. Seven hours of sleep before our walk and breakfast :-)  I can live with this routine.

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