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June 14, 2013

Scratch and Sniffles

We know how fast viruses spread online, so we haven't posted any photos of Hobey and his green slime.

Hobey is still sniffling; he may be getting a little relief.  We talked to the veterinarian yesterday to request a different/stronger antibiotic, but he told us to wait a couple more days.  If it is viral, bordetella or cold-like, the antibiotics were useless and it will be done in a couple days.  Our hope is that his sniffling and scratching are related.

Today, we left him home alone for two hours during our bike ride.  Hobey was howling when we came home, but again this might have been initiated by Monte's welcome barking.  Next time we will sneak up to the house and listen.

Note:  We received three huge bottles of fish oil today -three hundred gelcaps per bottle.  We also have liquid ivermectin for heartworm protection.  If anyone wants or needs any, just let us know.

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