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June 8, 2013

Food Bowls are for Perfect Dogs

Another busy day for the puppy.  It began with  an hour of play time with 20 other youngsters.  He made the rounds, but eventually paired off with his new girlfriend Ada Mae.  Hobey continues to amaze; in the middle of playing he walked away toward the door.  We went out and he quickly relieved himself.  He has only been here once before.

Immediately following play group, we had his first socialization/training class.  It provided another opportunity to socialize with puppies his age.  We began with the basics: GO PLAY, load the marker word, reward looking into your eyes, treat grabbing the collar.  During breaks we started luring him to SIT and DOWN. Again the biggest takeaway is that mealtime can be used for training - hand feed, practice.

Hobey returned home exhausted and grabbed a bowl of food before a well deserved nap. After his nap and our lunch, we took the dogs and girls for a walk to Burger King for ice cream.

He has been prompting us when he needs to go outside :-)

While we have noticed a tendency to be vocal and slightly dominant, our only concern is that Hobey is constantly itching - dry skin, ear mites, allergy, fleas, mange? A visit to the veterinarian is probably in our future, if things do not get better by Monday.


Elizabeth Annen said...

If Hobey drops out of the program we want him!

Elizabeth Annen said...


Elizabeth Annen said...

If he drops out we call dibs ;)

Puppy Raiser said...

We will see what we can do to help :-)

Elizabeth Annen said...

Sorry for the double comment! Website was being a little weird.