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June 5, 2013

Watertown Vacation

Our plans to spend a couple days in Wisconsin Dells enjoying the waterparks meant that we needed a place for Monte and Hobey to "vacation".  We could have taken Hobey with us, but we figured that monitoring two children was enough to keep us busy.  Watertown was the destination for our pair of canines and Camp Lebi was the location.  They joined Lebi, McCoy, and Luna for a few days of canine bonding and canine corrections.  No one better to shape puppy behavior than other dogs.

Hobey even got some additional socialization.  His caretakers, experienced puppy raisers, had him and Lebi accompany them to a medical appointment, dentist visit, and brat fry.  They reported that he was a "rock star" on outings and seemed to be catching on to the housebreaking - wishful thinking.

The next few days will be challenging with two dogs and two kids ...

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