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June 20, 2013


On Wednesday we acquired another dog in the house. Our guest for the next week is Norman, a two year old pet chocolate Labrador, is staying with us while his family vacations.  The afternoon was spent getting acquainted and learning house rules. 

Monte is especially appreciative because we lifted the furniture ban while we attempted to make Norman feel at home.  Hobey is acting like a pesky little brother, constantly bothering our guest. Although we have attempted to provide a correction, I think the behavior will continue until Norman rebukes his playful advances.

The evening's training session allowed Norman to get a break from the little pest. The training was at East Towne Mall and it was Hobey's first visit.  We joined the other Custom Canines dogs practicing SIT and FOLLOW while introducing DOWN and COME by luring. After class we walked the mall greeting patrons and exposing him to all the different sights, sounds and smells - he did very good.

Today, Thursday, was spent establishing our routine for wrangling three dogs feedings and exercise.  Hobey was not pleased being left home while the big dogs went for a walk before breakfast.  Howling in his crate as we left, Lisa had to serve his meal before we returned.

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