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June 25, 2013

Job One Complete

The last couple days have been uneventful.  Mostly spending time around the house and going for walks, staying out of puddles.  We did make an uneventful trip to the library.  We gave Hobey his second DHPP booster.  Giving injections in not one of our favorite activities, but it saves the cost of an office visit and the vaccine is a lot cheaper.  

The biggest news is that I believe our housebreaking task is complete.  There have been numerous occasions when Hobey has had the opportunity to decide where he wanted to relieve himself and every time he has decided, correctly, to wait by the door.  If we are slow or do not see him, we are prompted with a whine. Yesterday, Lisa and Hobey stopped at Kwik Trip for a few items.  As the visit was only going to be five minutes, they didn't potty first. Upon entering the store, Hobey immediately began crying, which was translated as "I need to potty now" and he did, on the lawn.

I was asked the other day why I stay up past midnight. Well, tonight was a perfect example.  Thunderstorm started about midnight.  Hobey was sitting by the door at 1:15am; we had just been out.  Photo Op:  I am standing outside in the pouring rain, holding a flashlight, waiting for Hobey, and searching for a stick to use as a marker.  We don't pick up each time, but we have devised a method to effectively locate the little landmines. 

Fortunately, our trainee doesn't like water hitting him, so it was quick and we returned immediately to the house.  Other times he likes to wander around the yard exploring.  He has started to run away from me when I approach him because I grab his collar to redirect or return to the house. I need to start bringing treats with me to redirect and positively reinforce the his recall.

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