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June 26, 2013

Late Dinner

Anyone that has ever known a Labrador Retriever knows that their favorite activity is eating. Hobey is no different and the best part of his day is his three feeding times.  Unfortunately, he had to wait for number three this evening.

Mealtime was delayed until all our outings were completed.  We started with a quick trip to the farm to gather our vegetables for the week, mostly salad fixings.  He was a big hit, but he needs to stop pulling.  Another month of redirection and luring before the pronged collar is in the toolbox.

We were home at a reasonable hour, but we still had plans for the evening: a visit to a car dealership, a pizza at a restaurant, and ice cream at Sonic.  After taking two test drives and waiting/watching us eat for two hours, it was finally time for Hobey's dinner.  He literally bounced as the kibble rattled the food bowl and I mixed in some water.  We raced to his crate for some private dining and rest.

Another potential issue popped up as we were preparing for our night out.  Hobey ran away when he saw me approaching with the vest.  He went to the cool kitchen floor to lie down.  Not sure if he was just warm, hungry, or if he is starting to associate the vest with negative experiences. 

This was the first time, so we are not that concerned.  To head off any potential problems in the future, we initiated using the most positive reinforcement, food, to accompany putting his head through the vest opening.  We will also be monitoring him closely on outings, looking for any signs of stress or unhappiness.

He just might have known that it meant a late dinner was in order.

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