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June 7, 2013


Although Hobey's training has been progressing well, we decided that he wasn't quite ready to visit the Madison Children's Museum. The boys stayed home doing yard while the girls went to MCM. I am constantly amazed at how (almost) nothing seems to faze our trainee.  A few dogs have not been fans of the lawnmower.  After I completed half of the front yard, I brought Hobey outside for an introduction. He approached the quit mower with caution.  After acceptance, I steered Monte and Hobey away while I started it up.  No issues and they actually followed me, at a safe distance, for the remainder of the yard.

The one sound that does bother Hobey is a dog barking.  Every time he hears that he races back to the house.  As we finished mowing the lawn, the neighbor dog was barking, so we spent more time outside and used Monte to help convince him that is wasn't a big deal.  Progress was made, but definitely needs more work.

We made our third trip to the supermarket with an added distraction this time - nine and seven year olds in tow.  It was a challenge, but we remained focused to our list and made it in/out quickly.  Hobey was good, although one woman accused me of choking him as he attempted to follow others and lead me around the store.  I paid no attention, but Lisa's response was that "He is choking himself." I guess we could break out the pronged collar :-) Then what would people say?

Another challenge for some puppies have been stairs, specifically our flight of a dozen steps.  Hobey has easily handled our entry steps.  Yesterday, I started up the twelve stairs after toweling off Monte and I looked back to see Hobey half way up.  With slight encouragement, we got him to finish the journey. Next "step" will be descending which is always more difficult.

Note:  Hobey checked in at 17 pounds

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Hawkeye BrownDog said...

Hi Y'all!

Just caught up with Hobey's schooling. It's so interesting how different dogs react to various life experiences.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog