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June 16, 2013

Travel Weekend - Potty Challenge

This weekend  was a travel day for Hobey.  He endured a two hour car ride, his longest so far, to Neenah to visit a strange environment.  This is always a challenge when housebreaking a puppy because the key to housebreaking is consistency and repetition.  We needed to reintroduce our trainee to the primary exit of the residence and reestablish his potty spot.  Even after that we kept a very close eye on him; others' flooring must be protected.  This work resulted in no accidents, but one close call, pre-stream.

The weather Saturday night produced another test as a storm rolled through the area. I don't think Hobey will have any issues with thunder/lightning and hopefully fireworks.  This epiphany came to me as we were standing outside in a downpour waiting for him to relieve himself with constant thunder.

Sunday's temptation was dinner out at a restaurant.  Not a big deal as long as you are prepared; we have been to a few already.  The challenge was food lying on the floor nearby.  Hobey was well aware of the morsels, proof that his nose works, but after some redirection he settled down for a nap. Lunch completed, we quickly exited for a post-nap break.

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