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March 14, 2010


Our Saturdays always start with playtime at The Dog Den, however this week we started a new tradition and stopped at Stella's bakery before burning off some canine energy. Banjo was very well behaved in the bakery with the exception of licking sugar covered fingers that were offered to him.

Playtime is used to burn off some physical energy, but also to test him mentally. We periodically place him in a down stay while the other dogs, the greatest distraction, are running past him and over him.

Out of the six opportunities he only broke once after five minutes. We also checked his recall as we called him from across the room and he worked his way through the crowd to get to us as fast as possible.

In the afternoon we took a walk to the drug store. As we humans age, corrective lenses are sometimes needed for reading. Banjo stayed in a DOWN STAY while I tried the different strength and frames.

A guide dog needs to be able to see well, so our puppies had their eyes checked last week. Banjo's eyes checked out fine, no glasses for him.

Banjo had not been to a hockey game since October. It was a lot easier to get him under the seat when he was twenty pounds. It was cramped in our seats, so during intermissions he stretched out.

He was initially startled by the horn, but after a few positive experiences, treats, he enjoyed the Badger goals. As the seventh goal was scored, he looked up for his reward.

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