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March 3, 2010

Magic is Healthy

As of 8:30pm tonight, Magic has no giardia and no roundworms!!! Yay, Look out world, here we come!

Picture of Magic, before Canine Influenza & all the nasties hit, playing with a friend's mini poodle. They look like they're sleeping together, but it's really 2 pups having a good ole' time.

Magic earned his Puppy Socialization certificate at Badger Kennel Club last Saturday, even though he was only able to attend 2 of the classes. He had private lessons at home. :)

In the last week, Magic also learned how to go in and out the doggie doors into the kennel to do his business. He still does very well going on leash, but it is helpful that he can also let himself out sometimes. The first time, he ran downstairs & I ran after him because it usually meant he wanted to go out, using a door in my daycare room. But when I got down there, he was out in the kennel taking care of business. I was so proud!!

In late January, Magic was with me at the Middleton Fire Department while I was doing my CPR refresher. He laid patiently by me for the whole hour or two while I worked & listened.

Magic has tried riding on the floor in front of me a few times. He's a very quiet rider in the car, but doesn't enjoy jumping up into the van. We need to work on that part.

We can't wait to see everyone tomorrow evening. Lynda

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