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8/12 CCSDA Training

March 1, 2010



You know, Harley and I have been playing so much we keep forgetting to write our blogs! So here is our week in review! First Harley got to go to visit a school in Watertown and see Divit and Geyser and lots of kids.

Then all of us got to go to Ability Days in Janesville and see lots of kids from Kindergarten to second grade. Was I tired!

Then on the way over to Nikki's to make a movie, we saw 4 buses with my picture on them!!! Here is one of them.

Then we got to Nikki's and was it BORING!!!! Some students were making a movie about OccuPaws so Mom and Dad and Nikki kept looking into lights and blah blah blah - so much human talk I fell asleep!


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