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March 3, 2010

Out and About

Woof, woof!

Wilbur and I are getting pretty good at giving presentations. Actually all we have to do is be quiet and look cute while all the humans blah blah blah and watch some pictures of us. We were at the Lions meeting in Oregon along with Dale and Banjo on Monday Night. Then Tuesday we went to a lunch (you know who got to eat and who didn't!!!) at the East Madison Rotary for more blah blah blah.

Then today, we went to the Pancake House and they gave the humans 2 big doggie beds and some human food certificates for Poker for Paws and Puppies on Parmenter. The Ferret Rescue (whatever the heck ferrets are) gave the two doggie beds. Now that I hope my humans win!!!

All for now,


PS: to see more pictures click here.

1 comment:

Marlette said...

Awww...Wilbur and Harley, for 2 guys, you sure know how to turn on the charm!