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March 16, 2010

Good Work

Today was a work day for Banjo. No lying around the house watching the birds and squirrels play in the backyard. He had to go to the office with Lisa and endure three hours of meetings. The only mishap was during an exercise where the employees got up and walked around. Banjo was in a DOWN STAY; he didn't last the entire length of the exercise.

Upon arriving home, he pottied on leash and we left for a walk through the park to work some more. On the way we practiced SIT-DOWN-SIT and half way there we tried a STAND-STAY as we continued walking, which he completed successfully.

At the park, the first challenge were the robins hunting for worms, followed by calm greetings with some park dogs. Rolling soccer balls provided another opportunity to LEAVE IT - this needs work. The final test at the park was a SIT-STAY, where I dropped the leash and walked ahead, while a little dog walked past - no problem.

All of his good work earned him a reward. We stopped at the football field and practiced recalls from fifty yards away. We are working on getting him to slow down as he approaches for a SIT, instead of running past us. He loves to run and would have run all evening; we stopped after eight.

Next up was dinner for humans and canine. However, as we walked by the high school I saw/heard a leaf blower. Never one to pass up an opportunity, we changed our route, backtracking, to go by the leaf blower. I think that Banjo had issues as a puppy with lawn mowers, but he handled the leaf blower without issue.

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