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March 1, 2010

Bath Time

Hi Pals ~

Casey here ~ after a busy Saturday morning promoting OccuPaws at the Boston Store, my mommy and Amy took Promise and me to Animart for a BATH. Yup, me in the tub and Promise in the shower! My mommy was up to her elbows in soap and trying to hold me still while rinsing the soap off, so she didn't get to snap a picture. We smelled sooo good afterwards ~ back to our loveable, huggable puppy selves!

So today Promise and I got to go to the UW Women's basketball game at the Kohl Center.

We had to crawl under the seats, be quiet, and not pick up food off the floor. And then who did we see there but little wiggle-pup Louie (with Maj and Hugh). The three of us attracted quite a bit of attention, you bet! But we were too quiet ~ we shoulda done some barking during the game so the women could've won.

Last week we had a big OccuPaws training class at East Towne Mall, and I think 13 of us puppies were there.

We were all very quiet and well behaved, I think. Except for those little pups just starting their training....

'Til next time,
Casey (and Marlette)

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