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March 2, 2010

Rollin', rollin' rollin'

Cinder spent one last weekend with us before rolling along in the "wheel" of puppyraisers. Of course, we had to pack it full of memories. Saturday morning it was an hour of dog playtime at Dog Den. No pictures of that because the dogs move too quickly. Cinder had big fun with a male black Lab named "Moose" who is about her same age, plus all the other big dogs. We actually left a little early because she was beat--just in time to rest for the 2-hour drive to Neenah.

Arriving at the Arndt homestead, Cinder had to check out every nook and cranny of this new place and tried to get Jeff's dad to throw a toy for her. He remembered our rules for Cinder play time, and Cinder had to go pout behind the couch.

Aww, life is hard!

Then she got to spend some time at Grandma's Arndt assisted living center where everyone is always happy to see whatever 4-legged friend we have accompanying us for our visits. Cinder was excellent with her greeting of Grandma and the other gentle souls who live there.

The entertainment for the afternoon was a husband and wife singing duo complete with bass guitar and keyboard. Though the humans spent the time tapping their toes and singing along, Cinder quietly fell sound asleep at Lisa's feet. Hopefully the singers did not take that as a sign of their talent. They were actually very entertaining.

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