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March 8, 2010

Oh Boy!

We spent Sunday doing a lot of practice in behaving,getting 2 young Goddaughters to behave and teaching Banjo to behave around them. We spent all day saying things like "Banjo, Leave it," "Girls, if you don't want the dog to chase you, don't run," "Banjo, stay," "If you leave it on the floor, Banjo thinks it is a toy," "Banjo, drop it," "No, Banjo's crate is not a safe place to hide..." you get the picture.

Oh, and Banjo learned a very valuable lesson, if you stay in the room where the little girls are playing long enough, you have to play dress-up too, like it or not.

Oh the humiliation!!!

That was Sunday, but Saturday was a much better day for Banjo. We went to puppy playtime at Dog Den and met Occupaws' baby Logan who brought his family Brenda and her 2 girls. Logan played like crazy with the little puppies and Banjo played with the big dogs. I assume Logan went home as tired as Banjo did.

We stopped at Mounds to spend a gift certificate, and Banjo picked out some toys. Then we went to Farm and Fleet to get him a new collar and found some dog toys half price just because they were Christmas-themed. As you can see, Banjo did not really care if they were green and red!

Tried to get a pic of him with all the toys around him, but he couldn't resist touching at least one all the time. After the photo op, of course, he only gets one at a time.

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Michelle said...

Oh, poor Banjo!!! The scarf, the beads, what's next - makeup?? I guess I shouldn't give the girls any ideas or next we'll see bright red lipstick on him too :-) I am sure he enjoyed it, he was just trying hard not to let it show!