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March 29, 2010

Strange things in the Northwoods

Hey Pups....

Road trip! I got to go Up North where we saw a Hodag! I think his nails should be clipped tho ~ just look at how long they are! I hope we don't meet up with him in the woods....

So we went looking for a Hodag, and instead we saw some funny looking trees. My mommy was not too happy....she said something like "those darned beaver."

I hope we don't meet up with them ~ their teeth must be as big as the Hodag's nails! Just look at the size of the trees they cut down!

Next we saw funny looking milk jugs hanging from the trees ~ how strange! I wonder if this tastes any good....maybe my mommy will give me a taste.

We couldn't go walking on the water, either....something about "black ice"....so I just hung out on the deck and watched the birds at the feeders.

Maybe next time I can go swimming up here.

Casey (and Marlette)

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