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March 10, 2010

Movie Star

Lights, Camera, Action...

Sunday Wilbur and I got to watch a movie being made. Some UW film students are making a short movie about OccuPaws and the Children's Visual Companion Dog program. Sophia and my pal Timber are regular movie stars now. They took movies of them in the house and outside, walking and playing and stuff.

Then the best part. We came inside to see Timber. Because we are so well mannered and quiet, they let us go and we just sniffed each other and laid down to relax...NOT!!! We wiggled and licked and did puppy stuff and were so happy to see each other. Did you know cats don't like to play like puppies?? Imagine that!

Anyhow, we finally had to rest. There are more pictures of the movie production here.
Harley and Wilbur

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