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March 3, 2010

Long Arm of the Law

Banjo had to go to court Tuesday...well, OK, actually I (Lisa) had to go to court, and actually it was Oregon Municipal Court. Nothing renegade, just a parking ticket that we didn't agree with. Turns out, having a dog staring at the prosecutor creates just the right amount of guilt-induced leniency because he dismissed the ticket completely and Banjo saved us $25. Good Boy! Reminds me of a story from my Dad from years ago when our family of 7 were all kids and piled in the back of our new Ford Fairlane for a Sunday drive, when the mood was spoiled by Dad being pulled over for speeding. Since the officer probably could not hear over the chatter of 7 small kids, he took Dad back to the cruiser to talk, which made some of the kids worry Dad was being hauled off to the pokey, and we started to cry. Dad said he and "John Law" looked up to see a bunch of tiny frightened, crying faces looking out the back window, and Dad came back to the car with just a warning. I think we went to the ice cream shop after that! :) Banjo and I did not even have to go into the courtroom--one of those "plea bargains" you hear about that made the courtroom visit unnecessary. Had enough time on our hands after that so decided to get a picture of our lucky charm sitting outside the courtroom!
Also, the city of Oregon, WI, is raising funds to start a K-9 unit, and here is some information, though this event advertised here is past, it does list ways to donate: http://www.vil.oregon.wi.us/PoliceK9Fund.html

~Lisa and Banjo

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