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June 3, 2010

Bye Banjo

A final decision regarding Banjo's future at our house was dependent on our getting one of Cinder's half sisters. We thought that Cinder was such a smart girl that we were looking forward to working with a puppy from a similar gene pool. And if we were going to start with an eight week old puppy this weekend, we wanted to employ Banjo as her mentor for another two weeks.

We had a pretty good idea that Banjo would not be returning home with us because we hadn't heard anything about Cinder's half sister. Tonight at OccuPaws training, we were told that the new puppy will be placed with another puppy raiser. It was bittersweet because we get to keep our character, Monte, but we had to say Good-Bye to Banjo and we won't get to work with "mini Cinder".

As we prepare for bed, the house seems empty. With only one dog there isn't any gnawing, wrestling or romping. Banjo was a good mentor for Monte, but our little pup needs to fly on his own and bond with humans more than canines.

With each puppy that passes through our lives, we are forever changed. They take a piece of our heart with them and they leave behind a piece of theirs to remind us and hopefully make us better trainers.

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