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June 13, 2010

Promise & Banjo in harness training

Two more of OccuPaw's Best move on to formal harness training.



One of our newest puppy raisers, Meghan Whalen found this that says it all....

My Foster Puppy

I gave my puppy up today
with unwanted tears of sorrow.
There is a job that he must learn.
We Won't play ball tomorrow.

I knew this day would have to come
While he was yet a pup.
And though I know his useful need.
It's hard to give him up.

I must keep thinking everyday
What he will soon become:
The eyes of one who cannot see,
A partnership begun.

He isn't just a dog, you see.
He's meant to be a guide,
To walk with one who needs him more,
Now I must step aside.



Harley and Wilbur said...

Good luck Banjo and Promise. When we grow up we will look cool in a harness too.

Puppy Raiser said...

Good Job dogs! Banjo we are looking forward to hearing more of your progress and seeing you out and about throughout your harness training!

Michelle Kahl said...

Wow! Hard to believe they are so big! I was looking at a pic of Banjo on the first day we brought him home..he was so "big" then, but now look at him! Best of luck to him and all who work with him from here out. He is a wonderful dog!

The Kahls