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June 1, 2010

Groceries, No Butter

We finally made it to the grocery store to restock the refrigerator and pantry. However, we left the butter at home, no Mantequilla. We just didn't think he was ready for a marathon shopping experience. Banjo tagged along and we left the little guy at home alone. He was crying when we left, but quiet when we returned home. Both dogs earned a cool treat - frozen bones.

Their puppy raisers need some remedial training on reinforcing the hand bump; both our dogs are licking our hands, not bumping. We were obviously rewarding the wrong behavior and now are attempting to correct. Struggling with that, we moved on to Thread the Vest and Puppy's Choice.

Thread the Vest shows the two different personalities. Banjo slowly enters the vest while Monte almost leaps into it to win reward.

Being the demonstration dog last week for Puppy's Choice, we knew Monte was going to need extra work, so we have practiced everyday to prepare for a second attempt. At home he learned this bahavior much faster on a full stomach and observing Banjo's treat "winning" behavior. He will even moves away from the temptation.

Can we transition Monte from Class Clown to Big Man On Campus?

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