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June 30, 2010

Battle of the Bands

We all survived the "Battle of the Bands" in Oregon this past weekend. There is a marching band competition every year that involves a parade and competition at the high school. For this one day, our backyard, which borders the high school, is packed with at least a dozen marching bands. Monte was serenaded with music all day, but didn't seem to mind the loud noise or hearing the same song (portion) over and over again. We also took advantage of the crowd by walking through the throngs of costumed high schoolers and getting close to the music.

Monday night was puppy socialization at The Dog Den. We were reintroduced to a HEELing exercise. Walk in a circle until Monte noticed us, walked next to us, and then we "treated" him and "treated" him. We practiced the exercise on Tuesday as we walked to/from the park. He seems to be learning. We have also been working hard on DOWN, so hopefully we can show some progress at our OccuPaws class on Thursday.

The puppy coordinator sent us a note regarding having Monte's eyes checked. It's not good if the guide dog has vision problems. This is one of the first physical tests for a guide puppy. We asked if we could also have his hearing checked because he doesn't seem to be hearing us as well as he did a few weeks ago; he hasn't been responding as quickly to our commands :-)

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