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June 16, 2010

Harness Training 101

Hi it’s Banjo here and I just wanted to tell you how it’s been going since I moved to Doug and Caroline’s house and started my formal harness training. Promise and I have been very busy; there is always stuff for us to do like obedience, playtime, naptime and trips to different towns all over the place to learn guide work. I think that harness training is kind of hard (you know not all dogs can do it), but Doug and Caroline are very patient and understanding. They always tell us when we have made a mistake, then they show us how to do it right, and then we get another chance try again. I like that last part best because then we get to show them how smart we are and we get lots of praise and pats and sometimes hugs and treats.

I was surprised at how many of my friends from class have come over to my new house to visit – well I think they have been coming for lessons with Doug but it is fun to see them even if they do have to work some while they are here. Casey came here and boy was she naughty! Promise and I tried to tell her that she should behave but she didn’t listen right away. She is much better now and has learned a lot from Doug & Caroline.

I haven’t been on any social outings yet because I have been bonding with Doug and Caroline, but I heard them talking the other day and they said that tonight I get to go to Quaker Steak! I hope I see some of my friends from class there. I even get to go to class tomorrow night and show everyone the trick I learned! I am so excited!!!!! It only took me 2 days to learn my trick so I am pretty proud of that!

Oh Oh Oh I almost forgot to tell you that Promise and I got our very own training van!!! It’s big and white and has lots of windows, nice big crates and lots of room. So now we are traveling in style!

Signing off for now,

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Harley and Wilbur said...

Good job Banjo!