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June 7, 2010


Our first puppy socialization class was this evening at The Dog Den. Waiting for class to start, we socialized with the other humans and canines, before trying to keep him quiet/calm. To maintain order and occupy our puppy we worked on DOWN.

During class, Monte and the other eight dogs in class practiced SETTLE, WATCH, GO PLAY, and SIT. We didn't use the clicker, but rather introduced a Marker word, "Yes". His good behavior earned him a lot of treats which didn't affect his appetite for dinner in the least.

One would think that a class with four Labradors would be all about playing when the opportunity presented itself. It was very strange, they were more concerned with sniffing and exploring their new environment when off leash.

Housebreaking Update: Knock On Wood. A few days ago Monte started to sit by the door to indicate when he wants to go outside potty. With every other puppy, the day after blogging about successful bladder command we experience a setback. Fingers Crossed.

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