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June 9, 2010


There have been no indoor potty incidents since the last post. Everything looks good (knock on wood), but I don;t trust him completely - especially in a new environment with different floors. We combined this successful milestone and our desire for food into Monte's first trip to the supermarket.

We prepared a list and vowed to stick to it, in order to minimize the opportunity for an accident. Like Caroline says, we need to put the puppy in a situation where he can be successful. We adhered to our plan. However, when taking a twelve week old adorable yellow Labrador out we have learned to triple the estimated time. Additional time is required because he has little legs, he meanders from left to right sniffing everything, and he gets a lot of attention. Our trip was a complete success.

He has entered that wonderful brief stage between housebreaking and being obstinate, where he loves to be with you and willingly follows you everywhere. He is eager and quick to learn, as long as he can smell a treat. He must be teething because everything is a chew toy as he feverishly tries to wear down his puppy teeth before he loses them.

I spoke too soon. Warm puddle in the dining room. Then he went out and peed two more times.

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Michelle said...

Hee Hee! I miss not having an Occupaws pup, but I can't say I miss the potty training! Especially since we just got new carpeting! Sounds like he is doing well though.