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June 20, 2010

Puppy Love Deficiency

We switched things around on Saturday. Our first stop was the West Side Farmers Market to get dinner supplies, but more importantly gets some pets and hugs for Monte. He has been diagnosed with "puppy love" deficiency. After forty five minutes, it would have taken ten minutes without Monte, we headed to the Dog Den for puppy playgroup.

We puled into the parking lot with a tired puppy. Upon exciting the car, his ears perked up and he was in Red Bull mode. He "guided us to to the door, through the gates, and outside where twenty of his friends were waiting. After sixty minutes of chasing, we went home for lunch and an unscheduled nap.

We had plans for an afternoon bus ride with some OccuPaws friends. None of the puppies had any issues with bus logistics or etiquette. We went to the Memorial Union for a bit for some crowd work and more "puppy love".

Casey was the belle of the ball ...

It was a very long hot day and Monte made himself comfortable on the very cool bus floor.

Before returning home, we practiced the glass elevator at the parking ramp. When we first got there Monte wasn't comfortable with it. I think he was more accepting of it after the day's activities because he just wanted to rest.

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