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June 26, 2010

Nap Time

Our Saturday started out as it usually does. A stop at The Dog Den for puppy playgroup and then a farmer's market. We ventured to the capitol square market this week, looking for our OccuPaws friends, but apparently they were already at the Union.

Monte walked a lap and a half with a brief stop inside the capitol for water and a cool floor break. Of course we stopped for multiple requests for puppy kisses.

Back home to continue our vacation routine. Monte had a shoulder bone and then we watched soccer and napped. Soccer just isn't very exciting.

Back into Madison for a celebratory dinner. After our "trouble" in D.C., we selected a Thai restaurant that we had been to before with Cinder or Banjo. As we entered, Monte was spooked by some flowers on a table and let out a few barks. Well, they didn't want to seat us. Eventually we convinced them and we enjoyed dinner once Monte settled down.
The carnival is still in town and not ones to pass up a learning opportunity, we made another visit. Still in need of puppy dinner, I expected Monte to be ferocious for food distractions. He was more calm tonight and much better with his SITs and DOWNs.

Knowing what was next, he raced back to our car, bolted into the house, and went directly to his crate. Dinner Time, which was immediately followed by Nap Time.

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Puppy Raiser said...

The little boy in the top picture & Monte were fast buddies. Monte was really gentle with him and vice versa. He saw Monte eat some grass, so then he happily would pull and handful and wanted to feed it to him like a cow--Monte was thrilled with this setup & couldn't understand why we wouldn't let him eat these little handsful of grass! Very cute.