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June 22, 2010

Short Game

Monday night we usually have puppy socialization class at the Dog Den, but we skipped it. Instead we took the opportunity to attend a baseball game; the Madison Mallards are our home team.

As we walked around the stadium before the game, Monte was greeted by a few players and many fans. He wasn't very happy to meet the mascot, Maynard. As the six foot mallard pleasantly approached, Monte was timid and gave a few warning barks. Not wanting to bother us, Maynard continued on his way. Monte was relieved.

The game started fine with beautiful weather and three up / three down. However, after the first three outs the umpires spotted lighting and halted the game. Twenty minutes later the rains came and it poured cats (and dogs) for about an hour.

During the extended rain/lightning delay, while trying to stay dry, Monte met up with Maynard again. This time Monte was interested and welcomed the big bird. Monte was startled a bit later by a very close lighting/thunder strike as the tornado sirens rang.

The rain ceased and we ventured out from our cover. We figured that the baseball action was complete for the evening (game was postponed), but it was a great opportunity to meet and greet the other brave or foolish fans that remained. We received a few "Thank You"s that must be shared with all puppy raisers, from fans who were appreciative for the work we all do.

The college ballplayers enjoyed seeing a puppy at the stadium. Most missed their own four legged friend and eagerly welcomed him with open arms.

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