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June 5, 2010


After an early breakfast at 4am to prepare for the day, our first stop was The Dog Den in Fitchburg. It was another active week for the puppy playgroup.

Although Monte was able to interact with many different breeds, he gravitated to other Labradors and Retrievers. He spent most of his time jumping from pool to pool and running circles in the water.

Right before playgroup ended, one more dive into the pool. He was soaked, so he had his first experience riding in the backseat by himself.

He stretched out and slept all the way to the capitol square. He enjoyed the view as we descended the parking ramp using the glass elevator.

Before reaching the square, Monte was greeted by four groups of puppy lovers. That trend continued throughout the day as we made our way around the capitol. The primary reason for the trip was to visit the cows. Monte was initially curious, then timid. The first "moo" send him running. But he eventually warmed up to the "very large dogs" with their distinct aroma and sounds.

Exhausted from his busy day, we stopped for Monte's lunch. Poor planning on our part, no desirable human food nearby. Never wanting to exercise a puppy after eating, we let him nap. After watching him sleep for twenty minutes we woke him up to finish our walk.

He was still groggy and his legs not functioning. I ended up carrying him for a block before being able to coax him along.

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