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June 13, 2010

Weekend with Monte

Monte's weekend began with play time at the Dog Den. He met his canine friends, but was disappointed that the swimming pools were not out. Nonetheless, he proceeded to get completely soaked by strategically placing himself between the two bowls and wiggling around in the spilled water.

One time he unintentionally sat in a bowl of water. As he stood up the bowl lifted, emptied and clattered, sending dogs scampering. Monte was startled, but he kept coming back for more.

The rest of Saturday was spent meeting people at the West Side Farmers Market and Kohl's Department Store. Monte loved the cool tile floor. This was only a prelude to Sunday's extravaganza.

Monte accompanied us on our annual trek to Miller Park to watch the Brewers. Before the game, we attended Bergstrom Automotive's tailgate party. Our puppies have attended for the last four years and each one receive's a month's worth of love in one day. One person mentioned that we are "like rock stars" due to all the attention.

Security at our preferred gate (LF) wasn't sure how to handle a guide dog, so we were routed to the home plate gate where we walked through without being questioned. Our tired puppy made it up to section 437 and collapsed. He was exhausted from the day's activities and needed a long nap. So much so that his slumber was uninterrupted even after Prince Fielder's two home runs - fireworks.

After the game we made it outside without a bladder incident. The only incident was when I didn't have my leash adjusted appropiately. Monte licked the boy's ear, who was seated in front of us. Note to all puppy raisers, this is not acceptable.

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