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June 6, 2010

Later we took Candy to be groomed. She got a new shorter summer doo.
I Just want to thank Deb Oster for letting us use her doggy salon. It's so much easier to groom and clean up. Also a special thank-you to Marlene Morga for being nice enough to groom Candy for us one last time before we turn her in today, and all the other times she groomed Candy for us. She spends 3 hours and does such a great job.
Of all the dogs we have had we will miss Candy the most. She is such a great dog, very sweet, and well behaved. Very eager to learn, loves to work and go on outings.
I really hope she makes the program or the kids program.
Also GOOD LUCK TO BANJO. I forgive you for chewing up my couch.
Ernie and Jan

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Barb said...

Candy is a great dog!